Simple Cocoa-Based Chocolate Dessert Recipe

Cocoa Powder Cocktail

Chocolate has been scientifically found to have chemicals that release feel-good hormones in the body. This means a chocolate dessert is a guilty pleasure that everyone should indulge in once in a while despite the pressure to maintain a healthy diet. Here’s a simple diet that you could try out.

 A cup of whipped cream
 3 tablespoons of organic cocoa powder (you can also use ordinary cocoa powder if organic is unavailable)
 A tablespon of ground chia seeds
 Half a teaspoon of cayenne pepper ( This is meant to enhance the chocolate flavor)
 3 tablespoons of sugar ( you could use honey, stevia or any other sweetener as an alternative)
 3 tablespoons of whiskey or rum (this is optional)


 Mix the chia seeds with half a cup of water
 Heap the cream and whisk
 In another bowl, mix the cocoa powder, sugar and cayenne pepper
 Mix the rum/whiskey with the chia seed mixture, sugar and then fold in the other dry ingredients. Whisk this mixture
 Place in the refrigerator for about 3 hours and keep stirring after every half an hour and then serve.

Cocoa Chocolate Cocktail

Dessert Cocktail

Cocoa Based Cocktail