Advantageous Health Promotion Programs in Improving Healthy Life

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The WHO (World Health Organization) describes health promotion as the process of making people around the world able to improve their health by controlling their health and the determinants. This program should be supported with some prerequisites of health. They include the income, food security, housing, employment and the quality of working conditions. This program has been transformed into some entities and projects by some countries.

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Worldwide, some health departments and some non-governmental health organizations work together to make some efforts of health promotion programs in their area. In Australia, this program is held in the schools. The curriculum is linked to the health issues so that Australians have better understanding and awareness about health. Some programs are also focused for the aboriginal citizens and the Torres Strait Islander citizens. They had poor health condition and the programs could lead to some improvements.

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In Canada, the program is focused for the Ontarians. They are taught to work together in building a healthy province because the local citizens deserve healthy live and safety work and play. The program supports the Ontarians to independently make healthier choices at any stages of life and at all ages. In Ireland, similar program is conducted. The program is packaged into HPRC (Health Promotion Research Centre). It has the objectives including the dissemination and generation of the research which can be both national and international relevance and the translation of the research that support the improvement of healthy policy.

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In New Zealand, the program is HPA (Health Promotion Agency). It works in three areas, including promoting health and wellbeing, enabling some health promoting environments and initiatives, and informing the public on the health practices and policies. There are several progresses have been noted after some varieties of health promotion organizations conduct some programs in improving the quality of healthy life.