Diverculities Medical Condition including the Cause and Prevention

Nurse Holding Woman Experiencing Diverticular Signs and Holding Her Belly and Head

The diverculities medical condition occurred when the pouches form into the colon wall. If the pouches are inflamed or infected, diverculities illness happens. Medical professionals haven’t found the divercula causes. They suspect the low fiber foods contribute a lot to this stomach illness. Fiber is important for healthy digestion system. If it’s lack of fiber adding the bulk to stools, the colon must perform hard work to push stool forward. The color pressure may cause the pouches forming weak spot along colon.

Colon Surgery Performed for Treating Diverticular Illness in Human Stomach

Bacteria growing in the pouches are also what causes diverculities. Diverculities symptoms are feeling chills and fever, bloating and frequent gas. Appetite loss causes the patients don’t feel like want to eat. The diverculities symptoms take few hours until a week. Some symptoms last more than a week. The symptoms make the belly pain or make the belly feel discomfort. Tell these symptoms to the doctor and he will determine some tests for the valid diagnosis. Blood test is for checking the blood count completely. Another test such as X-ray testing and CT Scan are also important.

Diverculities Pain Areas Affected by Diverculities Symptoms and Early Signs in Human Stomach

Antibiotics prescriptions are given by the healthcare to reduce the bacteria growth. Take the prescriptions regularly and never stop although the symptoms are reduced. For additional self treatment, these ways can be alternatives such as relaxing or meditating, do deep breathing, using heating pad, or taking other medication which of course suggested by doctors.

Graphic of Human Colon Related to Signs and Symptoms of Diverculities Disease

Mild diverculities are treated by having good rest and changing the daily diets. There are lots of diet guidance for diverculities patients. The foods that are good for this illness are fruit juices, broth, water and ice pops. Eat more fibers than the regular diets to supply the fiber in colon. Diverculities foods to avoid are corn and all of corn products, nuts, and foods that are hard for being digested.