Therapeutic Games for Teens to Control Anger

Introducing some interesting therapeutic games for teens to parents sounds very important. It seems that we should help parents with their raising kid’s problem including dealing with uncontrollable angry kids. As parents, there must be several hard things in life when raising kids from a new born baby to an adult. And dealing with kids which are quite hard to control especially regarding to their anger may be the hardest one. That’s why doing some attractive therapeutic activities to teach them controlling their anger is the best method to do with the entire family members at home.

Therapeutic games for teens

Several therapeutic activities for tweens are ordinary games which almost often to be found. Some of which are even only kinds of card game. Nonetheless, there will be specific purpose that we can take by playing each of the game. That is to control anger and allow your kids to motivate themselves positively. Well, let’s take a look at some stunning games here. First game is called Feelings Playing Cards. This card game is designed little differently from classic card games. With a set of cards showing face expression and feeling words, your kids will learn how to express something through a keyword shown on the card. At the same time, they can understand how to control their anger because you can insert some advices about it during playing the game.

Cards games

The next game for games for Teens to Control Anger is called Mad Dragon. This anger control card game is very unique to allow the players identify various anger expressions, feelings, anger, warnings and other positive ways to express anger during the game. It is similar with anger management activity for your kids. However, with its interesting illustrated cards, we are sure that your kids will get their pleasant moment in playing card game.

Other therapeutic games for group therapy include the Ungame, the Impulse Control Game and No More Bullies Board Game.