Several Irregular Heartbeat Symptoms to Monitor Arrhythmia

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If a person feels fast heartbeat or feeling fluttering in chest, he should be aware of irregular heartbeat symptoms. The heart that skips too fast is one of the arrhythmia’s signs. Although it’s commonly felt by many people, some still got panic if they have it. Actually, it shouldn’t be afraid of. Millions of people have it every year. However, this abnormal heartbeat should be taken seriously and they need to seek professional help to overcome it. Most arrhythmias case is not dangerous or harmless, but there are dangerous cases requiring serious treatments.

Human Heart Electrical System DIagram with Sinotrial Node and Purmonay Artery

The fast heartbeat symptoms are different from one person to another. The premature patient has heart palpitation or fast beating. It’s because the rapid succession causes bigger awareness for fluttering feeling on the neck or chest. More serious signs can have dizziness, fatigue, fainting, chest pain, breath shortness, pounding, or in severe cases they could experience sudden cardiac-arrest. This is when they should get medical assistance. The doctors will take some tests to diagnose them with arrhythmias.

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Monitoring your pulse or heart beat in certain times is needed to increase the arrhythmias awareness. If you have several dangerous symptoms, you should immediately go to hospital and consult with medical professionals. There are also online websites to help you to see the recent condition of your health including the arrhythmias.

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Self arrhythmias monitoring can be done in simple ways. Put your pointer and middle fingers on the wrist of another hand, on your neck side or below the jaw’s corner. You can feel and count the pulse beats every minute. Record the pulse count during the day and take note of what you feel on that day. Note whether you feel the arrhythmias symptoms or not. This is needed to monitor the heart rate through knowing how many times the pulse in each minute. Irregular heartbeat treatment is required if you feel severe pains related to the arrhythmia signs.