Simple Ways of Preventing Back Pain

Pain in the back

Lower back pain results from a number of medical and non-medical reasons such as bad posture, a passive lifestyle, sciatica, whiplash, slipped disc and frozen shoulder . There are ways to prevent back pain that you can incorporate to your lifestyle to boost the strength and functionality of your spine. This will greatly reduce your chances of experiencing backaches. Simple things you can do right now include
 Weight loss
 Reduce stress and anxiety
 Exercise
 Avoid traumatic impacts

Excess weight puts pressure on the spine as it tries to support the whole system. Additionally, wear comfortable shoes and avoid accidents or incidents that may cause injury to your cervical spine- the neck. On the same note, stress affects muscles because it puts a strain on the nerves and it can lead to neck pain. Whether you are pregnant, overweight or you are suffering from a medical condition that limits movement, it is important for you to exercise accordingly to boost stability and strength of the spine.

Back Pain

How to Prevent Back Pain While Running

Regular exercises for back pain can prevent injuries sustained in sports. Nevertheless, you need to take part in this sport the right way. Stretch your neck, shoulders and back before running . Running can lead to chronic lower back pain if you fail to run with your back in the right posture.
If you are wondering how to stop back pain when running, you need to evaluate what you do or don’t do on the track. In addition to warm-ups, you should stretch your hamstrings, put on comfortable running shoes and possibly chose a good track as opposed to running on a rough surface. Consider getting strength training to tone your muscles and boost agility .

How to Sleep to Prevent Back Pain

The best tips on how to prevent back pain when sleeping emphasise the need to get a good mattress and a pillow. There are particular sleeping styles for each condition that reduce the effect of back pain. For example, people who are suffering from osteoarthritis prefer to sleep on a reclining chair or in a foetus position to reduce any pressure on the spine .
Tips on how to prevent back pain while sleeping also focus on reducing stress and caffeine intake. Your sleeping pattern is manipulated by things you do the whole day and before going to bed. Monitor little things such as sleep apnea and anxiety and you will sleep comfortably .
How to Prevent Back Pain at Work
Perform easy exercises for lower back at the office and you will narrow your chances of getting a backache. Back pain is one of the greatest reasons why people ask for sick-offs at work. Most people suffer from aching muscles, bad posture and stress at the workplace. Check your workstation layout, your posture, position of the keyboard and the screen as well as the height of your chair. When you adjust these elements accordingly, you will not complain of back pain anymore. Take a break regularly to stretch your spine and muscles.

Pain in the Lower Back

How to Prevent Back Pain when Squatting

Even as you look for exercises to prevent back pain, you need to improve your posture when lifting or squatting. People who work in the delivery, removal, packing and manual labour fields are prone to back pain . Always adjust a load when you have placed it on the ground not when it is in mid air. In addition, do not lift a load that is beyond your ability. Other helpful tips are keeping your head up, don’t twist or bend your back .

How to Prevent Back Pain during Pregnancy

Exercises for lower back can ease discomfort and pressure experienced as the foetus grows. However, take care to avoid exerting more pressure or causing injury to your back. Aromatherapy and massage let you relax and walking makes you active since immobility is one of the main causes of back pain. Avoid lifting heavy objects and sleep in a comfortable position .

How to Sit to Prevent Back Pain
Back pain relief at home incorporates regular workout sessions to avoid immobility. When you are immobile for a long period, you increase your chances of getting back pain.
Therefore, prevent lower back pain by moving once in a while instead of sitting in the same position the whole day. Additionally, always sit upright, not slouched, with the legs lower than your hips. Simple exercises for back pain relief include wrist curls, lateral head rotation, seated calf raises resisted arm curls and shoulder shrugs .