Full Physical Exam Checklist You Must Do to Know Your Health Condition

Everyone must get Physical Exam Checklist. This physical exam is required to know health condition of someone. It may include kid, teenager even adult and elder. As expected, everyone has similar physical exam checklist. Generally, the physical exam  involves several points we have to do in order to medical staff or doctor understanding our medical condition. Every point in the checklist refers to certain part of our body to check such as head, throat, nose, eyes, ear, chest, stomach and more.

Excellent Explanation about the Use and Advantage of Full Physical Exam Checlist for Teenagers

Everyone who takes this complete physical exam will be helped by an assistant. And there will be a specific explanation related to the exam you may take. Ideally, this  is filled regularly once or twice a year. Or sometimes, it may be often or rare depending on the condition. Now, we will discover several points that mostly found. First thing first, you need to wash your hand as well as the examiners do. Washing hands also should be done at the end of the examination. The next point of examination you will take is general inspection that is typically related to upper extremities. This action is followed by vital signs, head, eyes, ears, nose and mouth.

Do not forget to concur with a good personal hygiene when it comes to make this test.

Easy Way and Step of Full Physical Exam Checklist for Old Man by Specialist Doctor

And then the full physical exam will be followed with your neck, shoulder and back inspection. Analyzing chest, breasts, cardiovascular, abdomen, lower extremities, male and female genitalia and rectal exam will be the next examination steps. Each point consists of several checklists that should be done appropriately by the examiners. Usually, the full result of the physical examination will be sent to a certain lab to be analyzed. And then the document can be ready for various importances. Complete physical exam checklist is sometimes used as a condition of job vacancies and entering first year inhabitants.