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Talking about a discipline that concerns about study and improvement of community health is always interesting. The term community here refers to the community based on the geographical area. It is not related to any similar characteristics. Then, in the community, there will be software called GIS (geographic information system) that is used to see the health characteristics of the community. This software is supported with the existing datasets.

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In this community, there will be also medical interventions that are aimed at making the health of the community improved. It is supported with some campaigns and improved access to get the medical care. Behind this effort, there is a company which is based in Franklin, Tennessee. The company is community health system Inc. This company is noted as one of the largest hospital healthcare services provides. In United States, this company manages 198 hospitals operating in 29 states (August 2015).

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This support is very advantageous because some health problems are caused by the difficult access of medical care especially in the rural areas. Besides, the expensive costs to get health care also become another reason of some health problems. Then, some conducted researches have focused on the environment and socio economic aspects that are linked to the health. There are three broad categories to study about the community health as the following explanation.

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Primary healthcare is the first category that refers to the individual and family interventions. This includes hand washing, circumcision, immunization, lifestyle improvement, and personal dietary choices. Secondary healthcare concerns about environment based activities such as draining puddles, clearing bushes, and also spraying insecticides. The last is tertiary healthcare. It refers to any interventions in hospital setting, such as surgery and intravenous rehydration. To support the success of these programs, the community health network should be built strongly in many areas around the globe.