The Typical First Sign of Menopause Symptoms to Recognize

Hair Loss Found on Black Comb by Woman Experiencing Menopause Sign

The symptoms of first sign of menopause are usually unpleasant. The common symptoms are having irregular periods, sweating at night, hot flashes, and even libido lost. Medical theory said that before the menopause, there’s possible perimenopause phase start ten to fifteen years ahead. The physical change can be seen through the process. Hot flashes make the body heat raises and heavy sweating. There’ll be chest, face, and neck reddening, too.

Infographic Showing Menopause Symptoms in Women Body Parts with the Explanation

If you want to know the exact condition, first signs of menopause test might be necessary for getting the right treatment. Irregular period is the next symptoms happened among the others. Female might experience this symptom earlier. Menopause could be started without experiencing irregular menstruation period, but it’s just ten percent of female that might experience it. Libido loss follows the other menopause symptoms and it affects more or less twenty to forty percent of females.

Early Menopause Signs Presented on Simple Infographic with Words and Picture

Sweating at night is the common sign, too. This sometimes disrupts the female’s sleeping. It happens frequently and followed by sudden heat, nausea, chills, and headaches.  These episodes often make female uncomfortable and influence the sleep’s pattern.

menopause Information and Symptoms Experienced by Women in Certain Ages

The other typical menopause symptoms are the irregular sleep pattern, weight gain, formication, and mood swings. The vagina can be itchy and dry, too. The skin will lose its elasticity and the scalp hair will be thinning. You can identify the menopause period by taking menopause tests consisting of identification questions. The questions that might be asked are whether the moods are worsened, whether the periods phases are changed, or the female family history in the age when they get the menopauses. You can relate their symptoms and experience with yours as women. First signs of menopause age can be your guidance in identifying your menopause symptoms.