Tips for dealing with Diverticulitis

Diverticulitis is a serious condition where the pockets in your colon flare up. It can cause you some severe pain and keep you from being able to get out of bed. Knowing what foods trigger your diverticulitis can keep you from getting this infection. You also need to know what to eat during and after attack. In most cases, if caught early on you can avoid having to get antibiotic. However, if you wait too long you may end up in the hospital on IV’s or even need surgery. Don’t wait for the pain to get unbearable. Never put off getting medical attention when you know you need it. With that being said, here are some things to do before, during and afimagesSA94QH9Eter an attack.

Before you can set a plan of action into motion, you have to know what triggers an attack. For most people it is eating lots of high sugar foods, even natural sugars can be bad. For others, it is nuts of all shapes and sizes. To know what yours is, you need to keep a food journal. Write down what you eat and how much you eat. This way if you do have an attack you know the likely culprits and can avoid them in the future.

You will also want to visit a nutritionist. Less than 10% of all doctors are trained in nutrition. They know food affects your body, but they don’t always know how. A nutritionist can help you do more than find the right amount of foods to eat, they can also teach you how to cook new foods. They will help you to learn how to read labels so you know what you are putting into your body.388x210_Diverticulitis_Diet

For those who have a history of attacks, they know the warning signs that an attack is imminent. They can then eat accordingly. For example, the enzymes in pineapple can help to ease stomach distress. Cooking white rice and drinking the liquids can also coat your stomach and ease distress.

During a diverticulitis attack, you are probably going to be in a lot of pain.  The chances are high that you are going to need antibiotics to help. If you can avoid getting to this point then your probably aren’t  going to need this article. However, now that you are here,  remember that you don’t need to introduce any solids into your inflamed system. You will want to stick to clear liquids. Vegetables and high fiber  foods will need to be avoided. Once you start feeling better you will need to slowly move back to a regular diet. The process should be very slow. It may take weeks or months to get back to eating normal again.antiaging-liquid-diet-01-bess431

Once you have a normal diet, try to avoid the things that trigger your diverticulitis flare ups.  High fiber foods should be a big part of your diet. Meeting with a dietian can help you to determine what your body needs to run optimally. Nuts, popcorn, sugary sodas, and processed foods are often the cause of stomach distress. You should try to get organic foods that go through as little preparation as possible. For example, eating steamed fish is healthy than fried fish.

Above all else, learn to listen to your body. Once you master this, you will feel better in all aspects.