Try Out a Refreshing Beetroot Chia Smoothie

Beetroot Banana Chia Smoothie

Including raw food in your diet is important and one of the best ways of doing this is by making smoothies. This gives you a significant amount of nutritive content that you may not be able to find from cooked food. Beetroot is not commonly used for smoothies but it is a great ingredient that is packed with nutrients and is quite delicious as well.

Beetroot Smoothie


 Water (coconut water is also a great and healthy alternative)
 Fresh beetroot
 Chia seeds
 Walnuts, almonds and sesame seeds (these are optional)
 Banana, pineapple or apple to sweeten the smoothie
 Basil or mint for flavor (optional)


Blend all the ingredients together and try and maintain a good consistency; not too dilute and not too thick.

Serve cold or at room temperature depending on your preference.

Beetroot Chia Apple Smoothie